In a collaborative partnership with ScienceVision, Illumina’s Sales Channel partner in Malaysia, our Bioinformaticians developed the Bioinformatics data analysis tool to the SAFESeqr solution, a next-generation sequencing solution for eukaryote DNA detection.

The SAFESeqr solution includes the SAFESeqr Kit and SAFESeqr Suite. The SAFESeqr solution delivers a robust and fast method in detection of eukaryotic DNA using high-output and massive parallel sequencing. Combining SAFESeqr Kit’s one-step PCR library preparation workflow and the Illumina MiSeq next-generation sequencing platform, the SAFESeqr solution is capable of detecting and resolving complex low-level sample mixtures while requiring just 2ng of input DNA. The sequencing data can then be easily analyzed, visualized and reported using the SAFESeqr Suite analysis software.


SAFESeqr Kit

SAFEseqr edited Key Features:
  • Minimal starting input of 2ng.
  • Able to detect mixture components in sample.
  • Ability to identify < 0.05 % minor contributor.
  • Limit of detection as low as 0.001 ng / 0.1 pg.

SAFESeqr Suite

SAFESeqr Suite image e1423811774986 Key Features:
  • User-friendly: Data to report in four clicks
  • Comprehensive database
  • Ready-to-print report

Example of SAFESeqr Suite report

SAFESeqr Suite report 1 SAFESeqr Suite report 2

SAFESeqr Suite comes in two options: the SAFESeqr Suite, which consists of an annual license for one computer; and the SAFESeqr Suite Box, which consists of an annual license for one computer with compatible computing hardware.

Product Literature

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B.E. Box

LOGO B.E. Box is a comprehensive and streamlined solution from BioEasy to ease the bottleneck challenges associated with analysing NGS data. It enables rapid translation of multi-million-bytes of raw data into relevant and coherent answers to address challenges posed by microbial genomics applications beyond previous boundaries. This streamlined analysis software is easy to use and supports multiple applications.


Key features

  • User friendly - Proficiency in Linux and programming languages not required
  • Universal - Compatible with data from various NGS platforms
  • Established bioinformatics components supported by literature
  • Streamlined pipelines
  • Comprehensive data analysis from quality control to comparative genomics
  • Automated report
  • Publication-ready visualizations
  • For Windows, Mac and Linux OS

B.E. Patho

Designed for microbial data analysis, with applications comprising

  • De novo assembly
  • Reference genome mapping and SNPs calling
  • Differential expression
  • 16S metagenomics
  • Comparative genomics

B.E. Eu

Designed for eukaryote data analysis, with applications comprising

  • Reference genome mapping and SNPs calling
  • Differential expression

B.E. Premium

A complete set of analysis tools for prokaryote and eukaryote data analysis.



EPInod Logo EPInod is a one-stop whole genome sequencing (WGS) data analysis solution for bacteria pathogen surveillance in public health and food safety. By analyzing bacterial genome sequences, EPInod enables a multitude of applications from identifying causative agents in a disease outbreak, to elucidating relationships between outbreaks at various geographical location/historical time points.


Key features

  • Simple, fast and easy
  • Standard input (FASTA and FASTQ)
  • Data quality check
  • High specificity and sensitivity
  • Automated report
  • For Windows, Mac and Linux OS


  • Rapid bacterial strain identification
  • Antimicrobial resistance screening
  • Virulence factor screening
  • Transmission route tracking
  • Contamination screening
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