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Founded in Malaysia in 2008, BioEasy has evolved through the years into a leading bioinformatics service and solutions provider. We are proud to bear the accolade of BioNexus status by the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp) in our goal to contribute to the progressive value-added biotechnology and life sciences landscape in Malaysia.

Our BioEasy team comprises of highly dedicated and professional bioinformaticians of varying background and experiences in the field of bioinformatics to provide a rich honeycomb of expertise in intelligent analysis services and training. Backed by skilled and dedicated research scientists, we aim to overcome the bottleneck challenges associated with the massive caches of information from the latest high throughput sequencing and screening technologies through high-value, comprehensive and large-scale computational analysis solutions.

We have been honored with collaboration opportunities with renowned institutions and researchers in the field and have gained access to international platforms through our publications in various international scientific journals. Through our in-house expertise, our BioEasy software portfolio comprises of the SAFESeqr Suite and B.E. Box. Alongside the SAFESeqr kit, the SAFESeqr Suite offers a fresh angle in the food safety industry by utilizing next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. While B.E. Box is a streamlined tool designed to analyze NGS data.  




BioEasy offers research collaboration opportunities with the objective of progressive and innovative scientific development in bioinformatics. We provide expertise in next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis through synergistic and cohesive research collaboration efforts. We are honored to have collaborated with renowned institutions and researchers in the field that have helped us establish a network of bioinformatics expertise in the scientific community and access to international platforms through publications in various international scientific journals.

University of Malaya High Impact Research (UM HIR)

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Academic Cooperation was signed between University of Malaya High Impact Research (UM HIR) and BioEasy on the 4th of December 2014. This MoU aims to establish collaborations between HIR and BioEasy in the field of bioinformatics data analysis, next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis and biocomputing using the LIMS Server and workstation in HIR. This will be achieved by providing technical training through workshops in HIR and exchange of technical knowledge and bioinformatics techniques applied in the field of NGS between HIR and BioEasy.

Institute of Biological Research, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) which is able to quantify transcriptomes, has clear advantages over existing approaches and is expected to revolutionize the manner in which eukaryotic transcriptomes are analyzed. BioEasy is in collaboration with researchers from Institute of Bioscience, UPM to reveal the application of RNA-Seq in virology and natural product research.
"BioEasy has significantly reduced the turnover time of my transcriptomic study. They are truly the bioinformatics partner that you can rely on."
Dr. Yeap Swee Keong, UPM

Department of Biosciences and Health Sciences, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has emerged as a powerful tool, both for elucidating the biodiversity of complex samples and for studying metabolic pathways. BioEasy is collaborating with UTM on 16S-based metagenomics approach (alternatively known as targeted or amplicon metagenomics) and shotgun metagenomics approach and successfully applied in the hot spring samples in Malaysia to profile the abundance and functions of the organisms.
"We have been collaborating with the team at BioEasy for shotgun metagenomics data analysis and continue to engage with their services in bioinformatics for NGS applications. The team members at BioEasy are reliable and always provide quality data analysis and reports. They have always been keen to explain and share the techniques and approaches utilized in bioinformatics to allow our group to interpret the findings in biologically relevant sense. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with BioEasy."
Dr. Goh Kian Miau, UTM




"BioEasy has helped us to analyze our large NGS data and generated excellent transcriptomic reports with classified details. They provide a great support services to our complete satisfaction."
Service Dr Noor Azmi UPM  
Dr. Noor Azmi Shaharuddin
Department of Biochemistry
Universiti Putra Malaysia
"Owing to its unique corporate organization, BioEasy has a team that covers expertise both in experiment platform, and downstream analysis. This advantage offers the clients consultations right from the experiment design, technical consideration, as well as services in downstream analyses. This is exactly what a researcher is looking for. It is my pleasure to work with BioEasy."
Associate Professor Dr. Hoh Boon Peng
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
UCSI University Kuala Lumpur
“I would like to extend my sincere appreciation on your expertise and experience in the bioinformatics data analysis for the RNA-Seq of black pepper samples. Your service was satisfied with the project objective.”
Lau Ee Tiing
Research and Quality Development & Health Sciences
Malaysian Pepper Board
“No doubt, NGS has definitely proven its importance in biological research but the giga-bytes of data generated can be overwhelming and a daunting process for bioinformatics-novices to analyze. BioEasy provided us with a bioinformatics-package that suited our research needs – taxonomic curation of our NGS metasequencing of soil and phytobiomes in oil palm and file conversions into various formats for post-analysis using our Linux and Windows-based bioinformatics software’s. Apart from convenience, we were offered advices and timely delivery of the data.”
Dr. Tasren N Mahamooth
Environmental Microbiology Section & Health Sciences
Advanced Agriecological Research Sdn. Bhd.
“The bioinformatic analysis team had done a quick and superb job in analyzing our library data. We would like to recommend BioEasy data analysis services to other lab who are planning for their NGS research”
Service Prof Izmanizan UKM2  
Prof. Dr. Ismanizan Hj Ismail
Plant Molecular Biotechnology
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
 “I followed bioinformatics training conducted by BioEasy. First training discussed more general about how to use bioinformatics to analyze the data produced from NGS. The second training was more specific on Bioinformatics for RNA sequencing. The trainers have deep knowledge on NGS and bioinformatics. Moreover the background of the trainers are biology and microbiology, thus they can help me to solve my problem. I am very happy to join the courses because it is very useful for me. I can apply the knowledge in my research here in my institution.”
Training Dr Amy2 Indonesia2  
Dr. Amy Estiati
Research Center for Biotechnology
Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia



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